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Computers & Technology

Lightening Woes

Thankfully, we have had rain lately, but some of that rain has come with severe electrical storms. If the sky is lighting up, you need to shut down all electronics, if possible, or at least protect what needs to remain on.

Don’t forget to keep all electronic equipment plugged into a surge suppressor or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect it against power surges.

Also, don’t forget that electrical surges can come through phone lines and network (Ethernet) cables. If you don’t have a way to protect equipment from these possible sources of power surges, just unplug the cables.

If your surge protection devices “give their life” for the equipment, then you need to replace them. You’ll know if they have done their job (but lost their life) by hearing a one-time “popping” sound, noticing black around the outlets, or by smelling something “hot.” Most of the time, the devices will not work when that happens. Their surge suppressing capacity will be minimal after that, too.

As long as they protected the equipment, the devices have done their job. If they didn’t do their job and you lost some equipment, contact the manufacturer for warranty information. Most surge suppressor warranties will more than cover the cost of the equipment plugged into it in the event the surge suppressor failed.

Internet Search Tricks & More

Are you successful in your Web searches? If you are, then good for you! If your search endeavors leave you wishing for better results, then keep reading. Since many of the major search tools (Google, Bing, Yahoo) use similar selection techniques, the suggestions below should work well for you and your favorite “flavor” of search tool.

Most people know that enclosing a specific term in quotations will force the search tool to look for that phrase. Using quotations to keep a phrase together is especially important when you include additional words in the search phrase. For example, type the text below in the search tool’s text entry box. The example below demonstrates what to type when looking for information about West Virginia being “first” in something.

west virginia first state

Look at the results. Now, type:

“west virginia” “first state”

You should see different results. The second search string displays the West Virginia trivia site within the top two search results for the more popular search tools. Refer to the examples below to help you find what you need when searching the Web.


Use quotations (” “) to group words as an explicit phrase.
Example: “marilyn monroe”

Include words using the plus sign (+).
Example: marilyn monroe +dimaggio

Exclude words using the minus sign (-).
Example: marilyn monroe -kennedy

Search a specific site for a word.

Find a specific file type relating to the search phrase.
Example: “elizabeth blackwell” filetype:ppt (PowerPoint file)

Use the tilde character (~) for search results that contain similar words.
Example: ~aquaculture

Is Google your preferred search tool? Did you know it did more than search websites? Go to iGoogle at and look around. Google’s “translate” feature will help you translate words and even give you the option to listen to the word or phrase. Google also can help you find area codes, work as a spelling checker, and calculate currency exchange rates.