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Family Nutrition Program

The Family Nutrition Program (FNP) is comprised of numerous nutrition, food and physical activity projects designed to help limited resource families, youth, and adults improve their health. FNP targets risk factors associated with obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases.

General Information about Youth FNP Programs

The goal of FNP Youth Programs is to teach limited-resource children in West Virginia fun ways to increase their knowledge and practice of basic nutrition and physical activity. Specific objectives include:

  1. Use interactive teaching methods to create fun, exciting and hands-on learning environments
  2. Educate 3rd, 4th and 5th graders from schools with a 50% or greater free and reduced lunch participation
  3. Target limited-resource youth ages 9-12 in a variety of community settings for summer activities
  4. Utilize research-based curriculum designed in a series of lessons based upon the USDA’s MyPlate for Kids and Dietary Guidelines for Americans

The Youth FNP involves two projects:

School-Year: FNP Nutrition Outreach Instructors work with 3rd, 4th and 5th graders in eligible elementary schools throughout WV. The fun and interactive Show Me Nutrition curriculum developed by the University of Missouri Extension Service is used in a series of lessons over a 7-12 week period for each classroom. Short, informational elements are combined with games, hands-on activities and food demonstrations to help the children build enthusiasm and excitement for good food choices and increased physical activity.

Summer: FNP summer activities take place in a variety of community settings, including residential summer camps, summer school programs, library programs, park programs and more. The Healthy Camp Challenge curriculum developed by West Virginia University Extension Service includes educational segments which are focused on physical activity and non-competitive games, with easy healthful take home messages. Lessons can take place in a single setting each day, or be divided into small teaching segments incorporated throughout the day. Interactivity, positive reinforcement and fun are the keys to increasing children’s knowledge of healthy food choices and physical activity.

General Information about Adult FNP Programs

Goal: Teach limited-resource adults how to improve their lives while making friends & having fun.


1. Create healthy meals for the whole family

a. Experienced Nutrition Outreach Instructors demonstrate cooking and food prep techniques
b. Participants take home new recipes each class

2. Feel better all day

a. Tips and techniques are shared to help participants have more energy and learn easy ways to move more

3. Create a safe and successful home environment

a. Food safety is practiced in each lesson
b. Participants learn ways to involve kids in cooking

4. Save money and spend wisely

a. Participants discover how to stretch food dollars by planning menus, developing a food budget and practical ways to save money at the grocery store


Our Adult Health Educators work with families who hope to better their lives by eating better, being more active, keeping the family safe, and spending wisely. Classes are held in a group setting at various locations like community centers, schools, churches, or even food pantries. Meeting times and dates are flexible, and are determined by the instructor. To take part, contact the Extension Office.


The Family Nutrition Program offers some great recipes that can be found at Recipes

Additional Resources

Barbara Trogdon, Youth Nutrition Outreach Instructor

Lisa Bell, Adult Health Educator

Julie Tritz, 4-H & Family Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development